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Blue badge parking

I am feeling quite annoyed by what may or may not be misuse of the blue badge. I do not wish to be judgmental, but I find it quite hard to feel charitable when I am unable to get a disabled parking space and yet I see people who can apparently easily get out of their cars and can actually return carrying their bags of shopping! I fully understand that there are many types of disability, however perhaps there should be different categories of badges so that those of us whose mobility is severely compromised would have a better chance of finding a parking space near enough to make life easier. There could be other dedicated spaces for different categories of disability a little further away. Not sure who to contact to put forward this suggestion! PS My other gripe is able bodied people using the disabled loo............

I struggle with walking myself and I just took the application for the handicap permit to my neurologist. She filled it out for me and I had my permit then next day. I’m not sure what state you live in, but you should definitely talk with your doctor! Best wishes!


I have a blue badge for my car but I had to pay £25 (I think) for it through my local council office. I got the form and filled it out and I was given it till April 2022. I also had to inform DVLA and got my license back with the reduced time of 3 years. After the 3yrs is up then I have to send it back in. Xx