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Depression and MS, a lonely topic

A somewhat troublesome topic for some of us with MS, the whole emotional with feelings and MS, specifically the low times. These can be difficult to admit to someone else but it's oh so important that you do, it can even be difficult to admit to yourself. I have been experiencing depression to do with my MS for years, not that you could tell if you met me Hell I have even down the merry path that is thoughts considering suicide from the simple and traditional overdose to the fleeting thoughts of going out action movie style under a speeding train. Some of these have been easier to brush off than others and the rational part of my brain points out the huge gaping flaw in my thought process round to those ideas that just seem to remain lodged in the background, just waiting to be reopened. This post isn't to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, you are all adults, it's just my way of letting you know that you are not alone, ever *hugs*