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Risk-benefit information, all DMTs

Hi everyone! I am a researcher working in the MS community and am just about to embark on a new project looking at how information is presented to people with MS, particularly risk and benefit information of DMTs. I am hoping to receive any feedback from people that have ever been on any MS treatments and medications, mainly so I can make sure that my study will focus on what is important to people with MS. So any comments you may have about any of the below questions will be really very helpful! How important is it for you to have full risk-benefit information about MS medications that you are currently taking or know of? How effective, in your opinion, is the risk-benefit information you currently receive from your physicians and other sources? Are you happy with the presentation of risk-benefit information you have received recently or would you like this information to be presented in a different way, for example more detail, less technical stuff etc. ? Please don't feel you have to answer all of the above questions if you would like to give feedback - just any comments you may have about these points will really help me target my study better and hopefully help people in the MS community! Thank you for reading my post! Gurpreet