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The Cause of MS

Something occurred to me. There might be two activities which maybe considered the wrong way round They say the Immune System attacks the Myelin sheath because it is confused and thinks it is alien and this causes inflammation. I think the sheath might become inflamed due to bacteria or virus. The Immune System sees the area of inflammation as alien and attacks it. This makes the inflammation worse. But the Immune System might be doing its job. Sadly the Immune System may also see scar tissue (after the attack) as alien and keeps attacking it, therefore relapses. We may need to reduce the initial inflammation and suppress the Immune Systems response. Just a thought.

Hi @frankoz and welcome. That's an interesting theory. All I know is that it is a pain in the arse! :???:


Big pain . Sick of this 💩. Sorry for being so graphical. 😳