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Vapourising cannabis

Hi there ms warriors I take cannabis through a vapouriser it helps me sleep and makes the day easier is it safe to be vapourising cannabis can anyone tell me if it's safe peace out



@francishannon , there seems little doubt that cannabis holds certain benefits for MSers. It's safer to vape it, rather than smoke it. Although it is still an illegal drug, unfortunately.



There are two ways of looking at that. Firstly, is the vape going to burn you or blow up in your face? Secondly, is it better for the lungs? I bought a fairly expensive vape to smoke bud because I didn't want the carcinogens and it didn't last 6 months. There's a notable difference between combustion and convection, which method does your vape use? Near the end it was clearly not insulating the heat the way it should so I gradually switched over to using a pipe and/or herbal blunt papers. I'm still determined to stay tobacco free but I'm not concerned about smoking pure urb and what it might do to the lungs... Most of us are taking drugs whose side effects aren't fully understood or carry some adverse risk of terrible side effects so I figure what's the harm in a little inhalation? I think the taste is better from a pipe, it's a better high/quantity ratio than vaping and you can do it camping in a field for 3 daysnwitj no electricity. It's a minor risk, but not even close to being the biggest one I'm taking because of MS.



I am using the CBD oil. I no longer endure restless leg syndrome and I don't want to go a day without my oil. It is legal here.



Wow! This was so helpful!!!



Dear francishannon, My neurologist wrote me a prescription for medical marijuana. So I use a vaporizer and e-liquid cartridges containing a mix of indica and sativa. It helps me relax and control my muscle spasms. Vaping is easier than smoking. No need to roll a joint. :-) Also, I think I might have to purchase some CBD oil. (Thank you, michelleblesing, for that it's working for you.)



Thanks for all your information we need cannabis in tablets if the ass holes in power had ms the would use it it is great to get to sleep and leg spasm and anxiety the body feels so much better when visiting take it in a vaporiser peace out ms warriors



Take me in too!!! I also love to vape Cannabis which I bought from https://www.reecoupons.com/view/ecig-city. Its really take me out of stress and i feel really fresh.



Hi there I use a vaporiser called arizer air it's brilliant it's micro heater for the for vapeing bud it's brilliant it's good value you need to get extra batterys which are cheape to buy its rechargeable the vaporiser I dropped it loads of times I have trygymina neuralgia which is bad at times I take tegratol and vaporiser bud the work it really cam's me down and helps me through the day and helps me sleep i all so use ampertryplen I think that's the wrong spelling and do yoga



Vaporisers do work - it's worth forking out for a decent model, but in the 50-60 pounds range there are plenty of goo models.



@alephbet there is CBD bud, and it is legal in the UK - ideal to tune your THC/CBD ratio.



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@Kenny_Smith - have you thought about edibles? I have treated myself to a Storz & Bickel 'Plenty' - (a black Friday sale on my head shop - get more bong for your buck. haha, bong. gettit?) - It looks like a power tool and it runs from the mains. Enough faffing around with toy vaporisers - even the medium-priced ones tend to disappoint and fail pretty soon with any serious use. For regular use at home, I think it's definitely worth investing in a "desktop" vaporizer.



I'm going to put this here again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai-zMaax51M



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I use the "pax3 vaporizer"...nice size to carry in your pocket to take out with you, stylish looking and very simple to use and it works well, and the best thing about it is it has a changeable bowl, a second bowl for vaping oil.....in the uk online £160....a good buy! 👌