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Newly diagnosed-ish Teacher

Hi everyone, I thought I’d join this space as no one in my real life can relate to what I’m going through. I’ll keep it brief: I never suspected I had MS - I suddenly developed optic neuritis a few months ago and had an MRI and LP as a result. MRI showed 4 lesions, LP also had selective oligoclonal banding indicative of MS. I was expecting neither if I’m honest, but I’ve been fine with the news so far. I’ve seen developed migraines that I have multiple times a week and that’s the hardest part to bear. I’ve been put on triptans, but I’m yet to see an MS nurse and neurologist, despite having been told that I do have MS. Does anyone know when/if I’ll get an official letter with my diagnosis? Does anyone have any good tips for coping with migraines - I am a teacher in her early 20’s. Many thanks in advance!

Hi Welcome to the party! Your story sounds very similar to mine, I was diagnosed in a similar manner as you in January. Finally got to see neurologist on Monday, who officially told me face to face that I have 100% have MS just MS nothing else with any mention of what type it is, leaves the door open to give me meds that would have been blocked had he put a name to it, I know what he'd like to call it but because of bureaucratic rules I've just got MS. This thing is a great leveller, who would have thought I'd be fratanising with my childhood nemesis! Use the magnifying glass top left a bit like a search engine there Is a myriad of information there, now do your homework there's a test on Friday morning! Always wanted to do that....sorry! Keep smiling and again welcome! Chris


Hi 1/2 , (well that's a fraction isnit it) and welcome. You need to sit back, take a deep breath (don't get stressed cos that won't do the ms any good) and slowly assimilate the info you have been given. Start a list if questions for your ms nurse, you won't remember anything until 5 mins after you gave god the consultation! Don't try and do everything at once, we're always here to listen and as the saying goes if we don't know the answer 'we know a man who does' usually Stumbler who you will meet soon😍 It's along journey so sit back and enjoy the ride.👍