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Cladribine and overseas travel

Hello :-) I'll be starting Cladribine treatment early next year but would like to go on holiday to South Africa (from the UK) during treatment? It would be for an important family wedding and would be after the first set of injections but before the second a month later. Should I just delay the start of treatment, not ideal I know but I'm worried about the likelihood of picking up a infection during the long haul flight. Anyone have experience of Cladribine? How did you feel and did you pick up any infections or illnesses? Thanks.

Is there a reason to not start something sooner then next year?


Ah yes, should probably have said... I'm pregnant 😊 Baby due early October and then my virology screen showed I'm not immune to chicken pox so require that vaccination before starting treatment. Unfortunately it's 2 vaccinations a month apart and then i need to have a further virology screen a month later. Hence we ended up with February 2018 being the earliest I can start Cladribine treatment. Then the very important family wedding was announced for 25th February 🙄 Should I just delay treatment for a further few weeks? I'm just concerned about post-partum relapse...