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Slow recovery from Optic Neuritis?

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. :) I am interested to hear about people's experiences with Optic Neuritis, and in particular those who have had a slow recovery from it. My own story - I got an attack of Optic Neuritis in my left eye in June this year. It started off with some mild pain around my eye and I kept rubbing it as it felt almost like something was stuck in it. Then gradually over the week my vision got worse and worse each day until I was fully blind in that eye by the end of the week (and even more pain around the eye, especially when I moved it). I was treated in hospital with three doses of IV methylprednisolone, and then given prednisolone tablets for some days afterwards to wean me off the steroids. This was around two weeks after onset as I was visiting my partner in Sweden (in hindsight I should have gotten the steroids earlier!). The steroids did not lead to any vision recovery, but they at least stopped all of the pain around my eye. I eventually started to notice some improvements in my vision around the end of July - I was able to see the outlines of some close objects and was able to distinguish light from dark better. Today, I can certainly see more and at a greater distance from before, but everything is still blurry. For instance, if I close my right eye and look at my laptop screen, I can see where the screen is and the outline of my laptop but cannot see the text/images on the screen. When I saw a neurologist in October (about starting Copaxone) he seemed surprised by my lack of vision recovery (couldn't read any of the letters for a vision test or easily distinguish how many fingers he was holding up from my left eye). He tested my blood for Neuromyelitis Optica (an MS mimic) antibodies but the results came back negative. So now all I can do is wait and hope my vision improves. :) I am curious to know if anyone else has an experience of slow recovery from Optic Neuritis (how long it took, extent of vision recovery, etc.). Thanks for reading! :D