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Vaccines and Ocrevus

Hi It’s been a while since I posted and I may get very different views to my question. But I have just had a phone call with my MS nurse for the next Ocrevus treatment and it seemed a bit strange. I have had all the recommended vaccines (3 primary and 2 boosters (autumn and spring)) and she was shocked I had “that many” and hadn’t heard anyone have 5. She also mentioned that “I should be well protected” - I’ve not reacted to any of them. She then said there is no substantive evidence that Ocrevus leads to severe Covid 19 and essentially they are treating it like any other virus. Essentially I felt like I was being a pain by asking those questions and others like have any other patients decided on another treatment? I know various different hospitals advice vary, but this seemed a bit strange. I know we all wish Covid would bugger off, but it hasn’t. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Well not sure what you want to know but I never got vaccinated and I am on Ocrevus. I did get Covid and was sick for a week - felt like a flu with temperature. So I do not think Ocrevus lowered my capacity to fight the virus.


I’m on Gilenya and have had 5 vaccination jabs so far ( 3 Pfizer & 2 Moderna), due 6th this Autumn. Feel like a human dartboard!