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MS’ers in Glasgow

Hi 👋🏼 I am Emma and I’m still in the process of being diagnosed. It’s been nearly two months since my last neurologist app. Who took blood to test for NMO and other MS mimics. I’ve heard nothing. I was to be forwarded to an MS consultant, I’ve also heard nothing. Just wondering how long this takes? I was on an acute referral because I ended up in the hospital in August with bad double vision but now I just feel I’m slipping through the cracks. Is anyone here from Glasgow and knows how long this takes? Also how good are they? I will be referred to the QEUH which I’m told is a good place for neurology. I just want this ball rolling with treatment options like everyone else. Had scans of my neck, spine, head and eyes, numerous blood tests and lumbar puncture (negative) so I feel that I’m almost at the other end of the tunnel! Thanks, Emma 🙂

@emma_t Welcome to the club. Your in the hurry up and wait stage... From reading your post it won't be too long before they give you a definitive answer. Keep chasing them up, but be nice to them, flattery works wonders. Nothing is going to change that much Meds or no Meds We're all here to help each other out if we can. Welcome again.


@highlander thanks for your reply. Yeah I know I’m in this waiting around stage which is frustrating! It would be good to know what I’m getting into as is seems that some places are better than others.. I will enquire politely if I don’t hear anything in the next week 🙂. Thanks for the welcome, you all seem like a helpful bunch! Emma