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Don’t know what to think about this ? Anyone else had this ?

Hoping someone can relate to my comment here! I think I’m on the limbo of a diagnosis too! My doctor first said I had one spot that was suspicious for MS then I had another mri and now it’s a few ??!! This was her message “No new spots on your brain, a few spots that are suspicious for MS but not very straight forward. We still need to do the LP.”Those two are suspicious?? I also have a growth on my pituitary gland that is very small. I recently had multiple MRI’s done on brain and lumbar. Many Numerous nonenhancing T2/FLAIR hyperintense lesions are seen throughout the cerebral hemispheric white matter but have no lesions in my lumbar or neck area but have lots of pain. I have a lot of the symptoms and it started with my left eye about 6 years ago. Had the LP done last Wednesday and my MS panel has come back and the doctor sent me this message “MS panel results are equivocal, the results do not confirm MS but not within the normal range either. I'll explain in more detail during your follow up.” That was last Sunday and I go this Monday and have been a basket case. My index was 0.7 and synthetic rate was 1.2 but no Bands??!! I have always had iron deficiency pretty much my whole adult life and have infusions and I had heme aliquot 3.0 ml in my CSF found in my LP. Have you heard of any MS patient that have had iron issues and have MS? I’m wondering if they may correlate in some way or something. I just don’t know what to think because I just want an answer so I can get on a treatment plan and feel better and get some energy back!! Any advice would help thanks !! Hope your weekend goes well!! 23 Sep 2023 10:03

Hey. It sounds like you have had something detected in the brain, but not on the spine. Therefore, it has been recommended for a lumbar puncture. I guess if a definite answer is what you seek, a lumbar puncture will assist a quicker diagnosis and treatment. Or, if this isn’t something you want you could wait until you have another MRI. I think the Doctor should be able to diagnose CIS and prescribe some treatment 🤷‍♀️. Not 100% sure. I’m hope someone will be able to give advice.


I had the lumbar puncture done and my MS panel came back abnormal. My iGg index was 0.70 and iGG synthetic rate value was 1.2. I did not have any of the Olig Bands which they look for but my other level was abnormal. It’s crazy and so confusing.