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Disabled Railcards - the saga continues

As many of you know - search it all using the magnifying glass on the top right - about 3 years ago I got very worked up at the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) which manages the Disabled Persons Railcards. They make it appear on the website that you need to hit certain thresholds of disability to get these cards - 30% off all rail travel for you and your travelling partner - but not if you have MS. It is cut and dried. I pointed out to them (UK only here) that the Equality Act 2010 lists MS as a disability in and of itself. I even involved my then MP but they capitulated and agreed that anyone with MS can have a card. As it should be. The website is v confusing, they promised to change it, they STILL haven't, so Moneybox on BBC Radio4 (a boring old person radio station - like PBS in the US!) has asked me to do an interview on this w/c 19th September. I intend to stick to them for breaking repeated promises and generally seeming to be uncaring about the needs of pwMS. I think 3y is long enough by a factor of 3. Just a reminder: if you need a card then all you need to do -- despite the crappy website - is apply under any category, state you have MS, and provide proof of diagnosis. Usually a consultant letter. If it has been a while the GP ought to provide a letter FOC. As ever, any problems then DM me. I implore you to search first as it is likely that any questions you may have are answered there. Ignore this BS page - https://www.disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk/are-you-eligible/ - and just apply if you'd like one. Everything goes via an Indian outsourcing operation who is lovely but has a high staff turnover and not all of them are up to speed with the MS issue. Persevere.

Hi @DominicS ..... I went via this route (as you say crappy webpage, that all looks a bit dubious) but in fairness got my card within a week and I just had to upload my 'eligibility evidence' (in my case my PIP mobility award form) on the website so the process while not obvious was pretty straight forward tbh.


Yup - it does work. It really grips me that they haven't managed/can't be arsed to change the website as promised. I have it all written down so will aim to give both barrels. Bloody QUANGO where it always falls to 'someone else'.