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Going out

I went to a local gig today and I was thinking how different your priorities are when you have MS. Pre MS days all I bothered about was the price of the booze and that they had good tunes on the juke box. If them the drinks were cheap and there was rock or meal playing, then I was a happy chap. Now the list of requirements to make it enjoyable is a lot longer. The price of the drinks, comfortable chairs, is the ground even (easy to walk on) is there any steps and if so is there a rail to hold on to, how far away are the toilets and are they clean as I need to sit down now. Today they weren’t, the disabled toilet was out of order, one had no seat, and the other was blocked and full of pissy water. Fail. I had fun though. I saw some people and bands I haven’t seen in ages and the vodka was cheap. Happy days 