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Hi im really confused as im about to start Tysabri infusions because i have a new active lesion in my brain. I have rrms since 2008 Has any obe taken this drug and how did they find it ?

I’ve been taking Tysabri for a little over a year. You won’t feel immediate relief from symptoms. You might feel tired after. I sleep 12 hours easily on the following day so I always plan it on a Friday afternoon so I can sleep the following day. It takes time. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. Any MS medication is a process, but I’ve been told that less than 1% of patients get new lesions after taking Tysabri for 6 months or more. I get my next MRI in April, so I’ll let you know. :)


Hiiii there, being on Tysabri for the past 8 years. Similar experience of @Michisnoopy i get very tired and sleepy before and after tysabri but after 2 days I’m fine. It takes time to feel the improvement, for me after the 6-8 months I started to feel better and it’s being like that since then. With ups and downs cause doesn’t reverse your symptoms but it has helped me a lot. Comes with the PML risk, so be sure to read everything about it and ask away to your neuro so you make an inform decision. Sending hugs.