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Sunburnt arrrgh!

Yesterday in the UK we had some sunny weather. Very rare and lovely. It was high UV rays. I have now burnt myself, and I feel totally shattered. Just finding everything a struggle. I may go back to bed. Serves me right, I suppose 🙁. Hope I got lots of vitamin D.

Good grief @Clary , are you basically just showing off a bit because you managed to hang out in the sun for a change in this country ✨ don't complain too much, it wont last long and it will be drizzling again soon 😎


I'm out today for physio and dreading it with my ms uhtoffs phenomenon but thanks to your post I'm now happy thinking about all the vit d intake and maybe 2morrow I will be energised and running around the place 😊 instead of sliding and draging myself across floors 😄