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Summer holidays are here and I have two daughters, one who’s 10 and another who’s 4 and autistic, it’s crazy stressful at the best of times but now no routine it’s very frustrating. Consultant said to take my time and not overdo anything but it’s so hard when I have two kids fighting and constantly wanting my attention (I’m not complaining but even 5mins of me time would be enough) been experiencing paroxysmal symptoms the past few weeks I honestly don’t know if it’s the heat or stress.

@chezn87 , this is always a tough time for young Mums. Do you have any local family/friends? If so, impose upon them for some assistance to allow you some me time. We all know that being a Mum is a tough job.


I do have a lot of support from friends and family I’m a single mum with them so the likes of morning routines and night are particularly stressful. My youngest daughter’s nursery teacher assigned her nursery 3 times a week during the holidays which had been a great help just to get a bit of calm. I just feel so guilty sometimes as these symptoms make me so exhausted I know compared to last year I can no longer do as much as I used to which makes me feel rubbish about not being able to venture far during the holidays.