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Balance & Fatigue

Hi fellow warriors. I'm having more regular balance issues and feeling very very tired. Is this down to MS progression? I'm on Tecfidera and Gabapentin plus Amitriptoline. Just feel totally knackered also think I'm getting a bad cold as my head really sore too. My balance hasn't been great either

Ugh, I understand what you’re going through. The fatigue and balance issues are definitely frustrating. It makes me think of the saying “I’m not drunk, I just have MS.” I have found that craniosacral therapy (it’s like chiropractics for your nerves) helps soooo much. It’s an alternative treatment like acupuncture, but going twice a month has allowed me to walk without my cane. Seriously. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not found and done it myself and gotten the go ahead from my neurologist. You can see if there’s anyone who practices in your area. I tend to find them in chiropractic offices and massage therapy clinics. I hope you find some relief soon!


Wish I could answer... I have had balancing issues for 4 years or so. I try to work on it with various exercises, but sometimes in real life I forget and down I go. It is fustrating, but sounds like it is MS related... Hopefully not progressing