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Supplements and diet

Just curious to know what kind of supplements you all take and any diets you follow and whether you feel they are helping. Since diagnosis beginning of December I’ve throw myself into researching the natural approach (steroid insomnia was good for one thing) and curious about your experiences. I’ve quit smoking, cut out caffeine, sugar and processed foods so far and feeling much better for it! Would love to hear your story 🙏🏼

Hi Please stay clear of any extreme diets, there is no evidence that they work. Any diet that is low in "inflammation triggers" and rich in omega oils and fibre seems to be the way to go. But you figured this out already. Most MS treatment guidelines recommended to supplement vitamin D. Just to normal levels, as recommended for the general population. It has been shown that some people with MS have lower levels. There is some research into the microbiome (the healthy bacteria that live in the gut), though no results yet. Eating healthily and getting enough rest as well as a fun workout routine is a good way to start.


I agree, it’s hard to find evidence for dietary approaches to MS. General healthy diet and exercise seems a good way to go. Though I have been looking into to the Walhs protocol (doctor with progressive MS), and she has been doing studies investigating her approach. Maybe take a look at that?