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UK Benefits / Allowances

Hello All (again!) This is probably the last enquiry I've ever wanted to make, but my wife was diagnosed with MS in 2020 just before the first lockdown. As much as possible we have self-funded private treatments and appointments because the NHS was (rightly) busy dealing with other things for a bit. We sorted all our MRI's, Consultant Neurologist appointments / Neuropsychologist appointments etc ourselves. My wife does have a local MS Nurse who she sees every few months or so, but as she's not really physically compromised (not sure that's the best word for it, apologies) she doesn't need 'care' per se. However, we want to start looking at financial help we might be able to benefit from, but I don't know where to start. My wife can't always manage to make phone calls etc with lots of questions and info, so I am trying to make a start. We have been pointed towards the MS Trust and also Citizens Advice as good places to start. I don't know if I can ring or meet people on her behalf? We don't want anything we aren't deserving of or to deprive someone in greater need. But we are going to need help with things relatively soon as we've taken care of as much as we can for the last few years. x

@BillyGee Have a read through the link below. Its a bit of a pain to get but it's worth the hassle in the end. Best people to as is the CAB to help you fill it. Give them all the letters you have about it from doctors and other medical professionals that you might have. Just keep plugging away at it. Wish you luck. https://www.gov.uk/pip


@BillyGee try the MS Society they have people there who can give you Benefits advice. Another suggestion is the Benefits and Work website. I found this really helpful when I completed my PIP application form. If your wife is entitled to PIP she may also be entitled to other benefits as a result of this. The best advice I can give you is to gather as much medical evidence as possible that evidences the daily difficulties your wife is experiencing. It's less about her diagnosis but how it affects her daily life and/ or mobility . Good luck and take care both of you. Your wife's MS nurse could refer her to a Neurophyscologist for a cognition test if she hasn't already done so. They may be able to suggest coping mechanisms to help your wife