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Year 2 Mavenclad week 2 delayed

Hi! I am on my second year of Mavenclad and was meant to start the second week of pills today but my lymphocyte count is already very low. I have been instructed to wait a week, get my bloodwork done again and then my doctor will evaluate if I need to take the week 2 pills. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, did it impact how effective your treatment was long term to not take the second week? I’m worried that if I don’t take the full course of treatment it won’t be effective. Thank you!

Hey Becca! When I was doing my 2nd round of treatment back in 2020, they didn’t give me a blood test in between! I have no idea what my levels were at but they went ahead with treatment. Not sure if things have gotten more specific since then, but hopefully another member will have some info!


@melissag Thanks! Yeah it seems that usually people don’t do bloodwork until after week 5 but I was asked to do mine in week 4. Might have been because it took awhile for my numbers to bounce back in year 1. I’m off schedule now but we’ll see what happens!