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Vitamins and supplements

Hi everyone! Long time no speak. Just out of curiosity, what vitamins/supplements does everyone take? I only take Vitamin D at the moment. Feel like I should be taking others.....

Hi Betty, when I was diagnosed I was told "take no notice of vitamins and the like " but I ignored the neurologist and for 20years have taken several supplements. Whether they have made a difference I do not know but I feel very fortunate in being as well as I am. I get very tired, use a walking stick and stumble now and then but it could obviously be a great deal worse and I feel deeply for others who suffer much more. I now take Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B6, cod fish oil, amino acid and a multi vitamin. I used to take evening primrose oil and SamE but have dropped both. As I say, they may have made no difference but I hope they have helped and do not want to stop taking them and then finding they were working!


Hi Betty I am Lauren from Dublin hope all is well, I have been percribed vitamin d3 4000mg maybe its to prevent me from breaking a bone when I go off balance