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Baby Stem Cells

Hi All, Currently 26 weeks pregnant and am considering the process of collecting bubs stem cells and tissue to store for future use, by bub if needed of course. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this? Obviously having MS I'm a little concerned bub may also end up with it and I want to make sure she has as many treatment options as possible for whatever may be needed. Is this kind of thing a gimmick or worth it?

@ashory oh wow is this a thing? I don't really know a lot about this but at 25 I am hopeful my MS doesn't rule out my chance of children. Is it likely the condition would be passed on? Anything that is future proofing is 100% worth it if it's at no risk to yourself or the baby. Are you documenting being pregnant with MS anywhere?


Hello @ashory, there was a news item on the BBC about this topic during the week. Search ‘stem cells’ on the BBC website. I think you can only do it by paying privately. Good luck, enjoy your pregnancy x