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Smelling burnt toast

So over past few weeks I’d say, I’ve had random times of day when I’ve been smelling odd smells. The most common smell is burnt toast. It’s not that I’m near a source of the smell as can happen at any time ie when I’m just outside my home, I’m in the car, etc. It’s not as if there’s anything really to accompany it, well sometimes a mild ms hug type of thing. Have had a google and it points towards seeking medical help. But as it’s often just for a short time I’m reluctant and feel that the medical teams won’t listen or understand. Poor experience with only local A&E department in past. Just wondering if anyone has experience of similar or any advice

Oh yeah, I've def had the burnt toast thing. Phantom smells happen. Be glad it's not a terrible one.


Hi, I often experience issues with hearing, rather than smell. I think, here in the UK the health care system only listen about symptoms that occur for longer than 24hrs. Not sure how other hospitals treat? 🤷‍♀️ Really annoying. I often have symptoms that come and go.