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Giving MSers a voice

Hi, I am writing a book about living with MS. I remember when I was diagnosed that I didn't get information from people who have MS, and I wanted to hear at first hand that it was possible to live well with it. So I am interviewing people with MS, talking about their experiences, what they found most difficult etc. After all, the experts on living with MS are the people who are living with MS! During our conversations, we talk about disability, relationships, work, and in fact anything someone wants to talk about. There are no wrong answers, and nor is there an obligation to answer any question. I use the information I get without revealing anyone's identity. A lot of people are finding the experience useful. And I would like to show people who are struggling with the diagnosis that life goes on. If you are interested, and would like to consider being involved, please get in touch. Thank you

Hi there @annie_lyons Are you in the UK or elsewhere? I was wondering what perspective you were taking? Thanks.


Hi Dominic, thanks for getting in touch. I am in the UK. I feel that, like the saying 'history is written by the victors', so disability on the whole, is written by the able-bodied. That means it's not the full picture. A wheelchair to someone who has never used or needed one is often a sign of confinement. For someone who has mobility problems, it is often a sign of freedom. So I'm coming from the angle of the underrepresented! It's not just about disability, and I'm aiming it at people who have just been hit by the MS juggernaut and don't want to read tomes of stuff that may never apply to them. I hope that goes some way to answering your question. Thanks