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Today I was at the doctor, complained of insomnia. The doctor refused to give me a prescription for sleeping pills. She prescribed Melatonin. And She said that soon my body would get tired, and I myself would fall asleep. Hope this happens soon

When I brought up issues with my Neuro that were from MS but other people could also get them (like insomnia) he would say to take it to the GP...but I told him that until he could cure MS he could at least help me with the symptoms ;-0 I asked him specifically for what I wanted to try and he gave me a trial prescription to see if it worked. A friend of mine with restless leg and sleep issue really likes Ambien but I tried it for a week and didn't really like it. I felt I did better with the regular Tylenol PM or Benedryl. Easy over the counter stuff in the US but also something you shouldn't take over an extended time. Now I manage better making sure my spastacity isn't the issue by stretching good a couple of hours before bedtime, warming up a rice bag for my right leg and/or foot, avoiding stress in the evening, Mg and Ca during the day and HiCap C pill. I also take Gralise which is a close relative of Gabapentin but the extended release so it is effective for more than 4 hours and lasts overnight. I bet if you put "sleep" or "insomnia" in the little magnifying glass in the upper left that there are a lot of hits and I know that Dr Boster has addressed it in the past, I will recommend that he create a playlist of related videos so we can easily find when we can't sleep ;-0 because he has addressed and you may find ideas there - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQopiiFbAo0zS_9BmRF3Bg/playlists Good Luck- sweet dreams ;-)


@annakonuh , see if there's any suggestions here :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/life-ms/wellbeing/sleep