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Covid vaccine question

Hi, I had the covid vaccine and within 5 mins felt a numb sensation in my hands and feet and later was diagnosed with MS. Anybody else experienced this?

Dear @Amara, just to put your mind at rest, the Covid vaccine does not cause M.S. In the same way, the M.M.R. vaccine doesn't cause autism.


9 days after bivalvent booster I had numbness and was diagnosed MS oct 2022. Relapse in January and again in March. Doctors say it might have been triggered by the vaccine, which has been very hard to reckon with. I was 33 and in retrospect could have been perfectly fine with no vaccines. Would MS have crept up on me eventually? Maybe. But the concept of avoiding/postponing this nightmare is causing me and my wife relentless grief and anxiety. Diagnosis and subsequent relapses coincided with birth of our son. I would give anything to have a chance at experiencing his birth and first 6 months without this trauma, sickness and uncertainty. Not sure what can put my mind to rest on this issue but I’m all ears. I suppose I would classify my feelings as “vaccine regret”