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Paramedicine with MS

Hi guys, I have always wanted to be a paramedic (am currently an RN) but have recently been tentatively diagnosed with MS. I am wondering if anyone has successfully gained employment as a paramedic with a known diagnosis of MS or whether I need to put this dream to bed. Thank you :)

@alex1723 , never put your dreams to bed. You really need to discuss this with someone in the Paramedics world. Personally, I would say that it depends on how your MS affects you, but the Paramedic's requirements may be more stringent. You should have already advise the DVLA of your diagnosis and they may have restricted your licence. This may prevent you from driving as a Paramedic......


Thank you for your reply :) I have not officially been diagnosed yet. I only get symptoms while pregnant (which I currently am) and so they couldn't use contrast during my MRI and I haven't yet had my lumbar puncture. There are two lesions on my spinal cord which "look suspiciously like MS" but no official diagnosis until the baby is out. I know a quite a few paramedics through work but as it is a specific question for someone who has either been through similar, or someone who participates in recruitment, they aren't sure of the answer. I know its unlikely to get an answer here, I just thought it was worth a crack!