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Hi there MS community! I have been on Ocrevus for a couple of years now and one thing i find awful from the side effects is the breathing problems i get. I take such deep breaths and it becomes so difficult!! Also since starting it my weight has creeped up, is this a side effect from the ovrevus or the steroids that are given? Would love to know if anyone else experienced the same☺️

I have gained weight but apparently it's not Because of Ocrevus Who knows I'm going for my infusion tomorrow My memory is really bad @ the moment thinking of what I'll need Short sleeve Top And what else ?? the nurses are brilliant


Hi, I would say it's more likely the steroids that make you gain weight rather than Ocrevous. Regarding wgat to take with you, a book/magazine or laptop or maybe you sleep, I know I fall asleep. And don't forget your phone 😊 Good luck Sally