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MS hug

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the MS hug? I've had it a few times in the past but last night I had the worst I've ever had. It lasted about 1 hour or so and I was vomitting and had the shakes. I felt hot and cold, and struggled to find a position to breath comfortably. If you've experienced the hug or what I did last night, how have you coped and helped your body???

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I had it on 2012 in uk thought it was heart attack didnt know what is MS Hug layed on bed was breathless called emergency told them how i feel told them i feel my chest bones are getting cross each other they asked u have health condition i said MS they said wait then if it didnt pass 24 hr go to hospital dont get close to heater because i was leaning on it 😶‍🌫️ it passed Last year i was sitting on the ground trying to do something suddenly j got electric strikes on my back chest left side lasts a sec idk what it was about till now came twice maybe a day in certain positions lasted a week but it stopped after