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Coping with metal taste on steroids?

Hi! I'm currently on methylprednisolone and ugh, I can never stand the metal taste. It's so awful not even being able to drink water without being disgusted! What's your method of dealing with the taste? I keep mints in my pocket and snack on lemons when I can. Anyone have their own favourites for getting rid of taste? Is it possible to eat anything that could even completely neutralise it? Y x

Good evening @yuma Just a thought but I sooked humbugs or softmints. Yeah the little blighters make you feel like you are sooking 10p coins!! Not had methyl since 2012 tho, I hallucinate on them! Little sods, lol. Anyways, hope you are having a nice weekend. Lisa xxx


@cherish Think I will need to try softmints because tic tacs aren't cutting it! Thankfully I don't hallucinate but the mood swings hit me pretty hard, I had a little cry in sainsbury's earlier over choosing a steak hahaha. Thanks for replying, only found this community today and feels really nice knowing there are other people out there who get this :) Y x