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Soursop - MS people

Hi there, Ive had MS (relapse and remittance) for 15 year now. I was just wondering whether anyone has heard of 'Soursop' or have tried the herbs/ drink. If so, How did you find it? The reason why I am asking is because I have heard from a number of people (people who don't know each other) that 'Soursop' can heal damaged nerves and can treat many other illnesses. I also went on to search engine sites and it stated the same thing. If Soursop can heal damage nerves surely it can help people who have MS.

@minnie , whilst I could find a few references to soursop, I couldn't find that many regarding MS. It did seem to be touted as a treatment for cancer though. Cancer sufferers and MS sufferers do have some commonality. We're both a group of vulnerable people, who are looking for an answer. I can only recommend caution. There are too many people who would like sell us the next variant of "snake oil". Wherever there is misery and suffering, you'll always find someone making a profit from the situation,


I would definitely check the source before trusting the information.