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MRI - with a cold

I've got my MRI in about 3 hours and I've been trying everything I can think of over the last week to get rid of the cold I managed to catch. It's not a bad cold, and all that's really left is some minor congestion and the nasal drip. But it's the drip that has me freaking out about the MRI. What if I cough uncontrollably? I am hydrated (but not too hydrated, don't want to have to pee while I'm in there), I've been doing the neti pot religiously twice a day for a week and using a steroid nasal spray (at the advice of my doctor) - 2 squirts, 2x/day. Last thing I'll try is a shot of delsym cough suppressant - I've heard it's good stuff. My neurology appt to go over results is 2 hours after the MRI appt so I don't have time for them to start over, should I succumb to a cough. I've been trying all day when I feel the nasal drop to just do a slight throat clearing cough without moving - I think I've got that down! Any other hints/tips/tricks?

@isaacson72 , won't you be OK when you're lying down? Gravity won't be working against you so much........................ :wink:


Good point - I hadn't considered that. I've been practicing clearing my throat and swallowing without moving my spine for 2 days - but all while standing or sitting! Lying down might be better, I hope! I am not canceling - I have suspicions of things going on with all that finger twitching and don't want to wait for my neuro's next available appointment which is months away.