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Gilenya dosage doubled up by accident!

I might have taken two Gilenya by accident yesterday. I survived the night so I guess that's a good thing but should I follow up with a doctor I'm freaking out now. I stupidly second guessed if I took a pill as my memory is complete and utter garbage it's to the point I am going to have to start taping my meds to a calendar!

I have problems too. Even with the tec being labeled for easy use with the days!! Sometimes the whole pre tablet routine (find drugs, eat food, get water, find the drugs I've managed to lose again, play crush candy, shout at children, ect ect) distracts me and an hour later there is a little voice (usually a child, I'm not completely nuts) saying "drugs". And I genuinely cannot remember if I have taken them or not!! :(


Naomih I have done the very same thing with my Tec I don't have children around anymore to distract me but there are other things. I also may not keep my pill organizer as organized as I should. My husband will scold me when I tell him I can't remember if I took it or not. Sometimes I wish he could go through what I have for a little while, so he'll understand. Potter