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Newly Diagnosed? - 5 Tips from me and Dr Boster

Hi all, I was really lucky to interview my friend Dr Aaron Boster. Aaron runs a super YouTube channel for pwMS and he convinced me to start a patient-led channel just over a year ago. We just did a video together giving 5 tips from a patient (me!) and 5 tips from an MS neurologist (Aaron). Check it out here: https://youtu.be/zEobZffhr9I If you like the content I'd be really grateful if you subscribed. Never stop coming to Shift.ms though as it is pretty awesome here! Thanks for your support and your eyeballs! Dom PS: All the links for the things we talk about are in the video description.

I watched this whilst on the train the other day if you're wondering how far your content reaches.


@Gortz - thank you. It is always great to hear. It is hard to fathom when you sit at your desk all day editing! I appreciate the feedback.