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Disabled Persons Railcard - the saga continues on the BBC

I was interviewed for MoneyBox Live on BBC Radio 4 the other day because they (the Rail Delivery Group in charge of the cards) still haven't changed their site to make it clearer as they had promised. The interview ought to go out next Saturday but as with all things media, it may get bumped. I am telling you this because I think having MS is a bit like being in the Masons - but not as odd - because a producer on the program has MS, we got chatting and now it is a story ;) Just a reminder - f you have MS you are entitled to apply for a Disabled Persons Railcard no matter your level of disability. MS is a protected condition under the Equality Act of 2010 meaning that a diagnosis of MS automatically puts you in the disabled category no matter how you may feel. It is the slimmest of silver linings so you might as well take it if you use the train. If you live in London (I don't) I think it can also be used on some of the public transport there. I know @eatsruns on Twitter knows about it so you can drop her a line there. As ever: if you want to learn more about it then use the search function on here as there has been loads written about it in the past.

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