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Whats everyones feelings on the future?

As the title suggests, whats everyones gut feeling on the future advancements of MS?

Are you optimistic or unsure?

The world of MS recently discussed.

Fasting, along with 2 known diabetes drugs.
Some proteins that can aid recover and maybe half progression.
I think, a cashew molecule was looking promising recently.
Ursolic acid.
And there are plenty more avenues.

I’d probably out myself in the category of cautious and believe it when I see it and not holding my breathe lol.

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4 weeks ago

Not holding my breath either @ralee BUT my money is on remyelination treatment. I mean, imagine everyone who has a permanent symptom having some measure of reversal – it would be like magic! A dream come true. So far, they’ve only managed it with mice, but maybe one day…’s hoping! 🙂

4 weeks ago

@vixen is right: remyelination is our best bet. The etiology of MS is wickedly complex and when it is finally understood I’m sure there will be Nobel prizes involved, but for treatment and even partial recovery in the next decade or two, clipping bits of the immune system doesn’t look promising considering the lack of progress over the last 2 or 3 decades of pursuing that avenue… Compare the therapy available for diabetes (admittedly a radically different disease) there are millions of patients living comparatively normal lives by replacing the insulin the disease takes away, with still no pharmaceutic treatment of the disease process itself.

4 weeks ago

PS: I’ve been holding my breath for almost 40 years now.

4 weeks ago

@ralee Why is the sum of £100mil not reached – in line with STOP MS – what are we waiting for. if everyone with MS (approx 2 million+) gave a £50.00 – we’d reach the MS society Goal of STOP MS – I’m always hoping to win the lottery – donate the rest of the millions needed to reach the mil mark and get this STOPPED- Euro this Tue £109mil- Celebs and Billionaires – tut- I choose to live my best life – the science MS pros are delivering is ever evolving and essential – lets get them there a little sooner 🙂 – hoping ill never reach PPMS because they will reach the goal of Stopping it xo

4 weeks ago

Honestly, I’m not thinking about it all. I guess what will be will be, I’m not holding out for a cure or a fix because what’s the point 🤷🏻‍♀️? Can’t live your life on what ifs, do I hope yes but I’m not gonna sit back and wait for it. I like to keep my MS as close to the back of my mind as possible if I can, although it likes to remind me it’s there on occasion 😂😂.

4 weeks ago

If a cure was found, how many of us MSers would be lucky enough to get access to the treatment? We can’t even get access to Sativex which is mean’t to be available to us. (Well unless your extremely fortunate)

4 weeks ago

Ayer 30 years any improvement would make a huge difference so I feel very positive about the future..

4 weeks ago

Really valid and respected opinions everyone. I think we’d all like to be surprised if one day they announced a successful trial of some kind. I think the millions of us should throw the worlds biggest party.

Maybe we should start planning and store the party details in a secure vault ready to execute lol.

3 weeks ago

@ralee 😀 love this <3 xo

3 weeks ago

@ralee I might need some shades but not anytime soon

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