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Hi everybody I’m looking for some advice. I’m due to start orcrevus at the end of October but I’d like to go travelling further afield at some point. I’ve been told by my ms team to try and get vaccinations ASAP as it would be difficult to time with my infusions once they start and that quite a few last for a number of years. I know a rough idea of where I’d like to go but when I explained to the GP of this they told me they couldn’t help as I wasn’t clear on exactly where I wanted to go. I told them a few countries where I’m definitely going but they didn’t seem to understand my situation and I guess the urgency of the situation. Has anyone had vaccinations like this while on ocrevus or anyone in the same situation?

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5 months ago

Hi and welcome to the club 😀
Above this post you’ll see some boxes relating to some of the things that you mentioned, click on them and it’ll take you to other posts made about it.
There is a gentleman @dominics who is traveling in Nepal at the mo if you read some of his posts they may give you an insight…. he’s also on Ocrevus.
Hope that points you in the right direction.
Welcome again 😀

5 months ago

I was told they had to be non live vaccines and either 6 weeks prior or 6 weeks post infusion. I’d still try to have them done before you start because I’ve heard they’re more effective since you don’t have a weakened immune system yet. I personally haven’t had any vaccines since starting Ocrevus though.

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There appears to be a consensus that you need to leave a period – 6 weeks I think – but check with your neurologist – after vaccination and infusion.

The travel vaccination industry has grown to become a bit of a racket, trying to frighten the crap out of anyone stepping away from the UK? Going to France? Had a rabies jab?

My point is that it really depends on how much you are engaging with the local life and whether or not you are in hotels on a business trip or a tourist only resort in Egypt. For example.

I worked in 30+ countries – really! — and some of them would have required an armful of jabs if I were to on the ground with the indigenous people.

Can you share where you are planning to go and what type of holiday you will be having?

The London School of Tropical Medicine is pretty reliable source.

The general Internet is brimming with whack-jobs full of mad theories about anything you care to mention. MS, Flat Earthers, faked moon landings, chemtrails, @highlander was a male model, you name it.

5 months ago

I even related to you as being a gentleman….. It would seem my cunning plan with immigration didn’t work out for the best…..
Welcome back to blighty.
We have good dentist’s here as well you need to go to Nepal that’s just showing off!

5 months ago

Thanks for the replies. Ideally I want to travel in between my infusions for a month or two, first heading to Thailand and Vietnam before heading off to Australia so backpacking really. The MS nurses said this should be fine but I’m just a little confused as to what vaccines I can and can’t take so they told me to talk to the GP who wasn’t so helpful. Thank you all again for the information 🙂

5 months ago

Look at it this way:

Ask a nom-invested party – regardless of MS for a moment – what, if any disease it is crucial that you be vaccinated against?

It may be that you just have to avoid certain parts of the countries that are v high risk.

Before this little impromptu Nepal jaunt I was looking at Vietnam. It was the frontrunner until my friend asked me here.

There was nothing that it seemed I had to have a jab for. OTOH, there is now a major Dengue fever outbreak here so I need to be v vigorous with the mossie spray.



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