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Tic disorder from MS?

Well I’m back to see if anyone knows anything.

I’ve had problems with movement disorder since 2018. – while it’s being worse the past few days alongside my spasticity.

The thing that confused me is it’s like I’ve got this new tic disorder or maybe it’s just worse i dont know.

Basically in the past week or two I’ve started popping my lips. Something that generally I can’t do well or at all. But now it’s happening and consistent. Having other tics but as you can imagine a loud popping sound and lip smacking is well loud and slightly painful (nerve trauma in my cheeks, wisdom teeth coming in and TN.). Clicking my fingers, face scrunching, squeeks, rapid shallow breathing(less than a minute, sometimes happens with laughter too).
My movement issue is also flaring so my body randomly tenses and vibrates for a few seconds, or my hands /arms lock in odd positions.

My hubby n I have joked for years when I get tics that I developed tourette’s. (Before my ms diagnosis, but I know I’ve had active ms since my early teens, the tics not starting til much later, and certainly not as abnoxious as now).

We’re in the middle of a heat wave so I expect my ms symptoms to flare and they certainly are. But so is this tic thing.

I don’t know what to do if anything. It’s come and gone(decreased to zero annoyance atleast) over the past few years after all.

I don’t know why I’m even saying anything. It’s unlikely I’ll talk to my docs etc (waiting on new neuro) .

Thanks for reading sorry it’s soo all over.

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1 week ago

@elliesmith , have a read of this and see if it’s appropriate :-

Then discuss this with your MS Nurse.

1 week ago

@stumbler thanks for the reply. Sadly I know my issue isn’t tremors. It’s definitely a tic issue. Though I do have tremors and an unspecified movement disorder (they gave me medications for it and let me go,tbf the meds help me most of the time).

Tremors are rhythmic. And tics are not. is the basic difference. My tics are things like making a popping noise, smooching noise, scrunching up one eye. Noises in total.

Where as my movement disorder normally is rhythmic muscles getting stuck, vibrating etc. Which to be fair did really flare the other day.

It’s s tough one. It’s calmed down I think cause in just soo unbelievably tired right now, likely from all the energy I’ve used over the past few days thanks to both issues.

1 week ago

@elliesmith , I will consider myself educated now. 😉

I can find some academic papers regarding this phenomenon, like :-

but I can only access the abstract, which isn’t that helpful.

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