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I’m currently in the midst of a relapse of my MS, not had one for 6 years so it’s been a shock to say the least.
I currently can’t feel my face on my left side and have pins & needles and numbness in my fingers so hard to pick anything up.
Can’t walk too far as the effort is immense and very tiring.
I’m only 6 days in and it feels like an eternity, I usually take care of myself, go to the gym, work full time, and I’m so impatient to be well again.
Kinda hoping things start to look up soon as I feel very down and vulnerable at the moment.

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6 months ago

I hadn’t had a relapse in almost 10 years, I woke up to the right side of my body numb. I could tell it was getting better until I took a shower the next day and it started all over again. I decided I need help, I called my neuro and he gave me some steroids. He wanted to do a infusion of steroids but I had a bad experience with a steroid shot so he gave me pills. He said the infusions helps you get over the relapse faster. The pills worked for me with in a week I wasn’t dragging my right leg anymore. You may need to get some help. Potter

6 months ago

I’m currently 3 weeks in to a similar relapse down my left side. Everyone keeps telling me to rest, but as a gym goer myself I’m finding it really hard. I’m doing pilates with resistance bands do I feel like I’m doing something. Done circuits without any weights this morning as I can’t lift anything on my left side, its do weak. I know my fatigue will kick in soon and I’ll pay for trying to be ‘normal’.
Hang in there X

6 months ago

@nikki_weller , I hope you’ve let your MS Nurse know what’s going on. If not, contact her right away.

Dependent on the impact to you, you may be offered a short course of High Dosage Steroids, to bring this relapse to a swift conclusion.

6 months ago

Thanks everyone, I saw my consultant yesterday and they had my new MRI however now they want a contrast MRI doing and don’t want to give me steroids or other meds til that is done, I was supposed to call my specialist nurse today, however because I keep falling asleep and feel so crappy it slipped my mind, I will however make sure I contact her tomorrow!!

6 months ago

@nikki_weller , they want to check that the Relapse is still active, before prescribing Steroids. The contrast MRI will show that.

Steroids are only really effective against active relapses.

6 months ago

Whenever I am having a relapse (or think I am) I have the MRIs and then they put in contrast and do a set of MRIs. This highlights the active lesions and if they are active I get the IV Predisone in little “predisone grenades” as I think of them. A nurse places the IV (I’ve met them at a conference room at work or at home) and then I hook the grenade to them once a day and watch TV or something. You have a goofy metalic taste in your mouth as it feeds in and really throughout the course of the treatment. I guess I am weird as I didn’t have trouble sleeping and wasn’t unusually hungry during that time. After the 5 days of IV there were some follow-up pills to tail down the treatment. That is the protocol in the US and worked well for me for RRMS when I was on Copaxone.

My current symptoms/issues are not the result of an active lesion so I am not getting prednisone but trying gabapentin which now it it’s 5 day seem to be helping but not like prednisone shut things down.

I know that feeling during relapse…you just want it to go away. Follow up with your Neuro and work through their suggestions but express the urgency…one day can seem like an eternity. We know it-

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