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Overheating.. more like melting!

This is my third post on the subject because it’s changed so much! What started as me feeling rather hot has now turned into my face being visibly red and burning. My whole face feels like I’m leaning into a bonfire. The dr has done tests.. thyroid fine all my bloods fine etc so he basically won’t talk to me anymore and said to contact my ms nurse. The only problem is it can take 2-3 days for her to get back to me.

My problem is I don’t know if this is a relapse or whether it’s just a problem that’s got worse. I remember having burning sensations on my stomach whilst driving probably about a year ago, my chest has been hot off and on for the last 6 weeks but now my face has been on fire for 4 days straight no letting up… can anyone help or have any ideas? All I keep reading is that heat can make ms worse.. this is not what it is.. it’s actually my bodies thermostat going wrong. Has anyone had this? I’m going out of my mind with worry that it’s something serious but obviously the drs not worried as all my tests came back fine!

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2 months ago

I have some issues with temperature regulation but mainly with my feet turning cold suddenly often in the evening. I have just taken to warming up a rice bag as soon as it starts and keeping my feet on it. It is very similar to Renaud’s but it seems many with MS note it is an issue for them.

It would make sense that being instantly hot could also happen. I’m sure you are trying to manage the symptoms by using an available cold compress or water but it sounds like you need to bring your Neuro and/or MS nurse on board. You note in your bio that you are on a DMT…do they offer a 24×7 support line? they may have advice and/or be able to help you escalate the issue- sounds miserable so hopefully you can get some relief-

2 months ago

Thanks for your reply. Iv been sent from dr to ms nurse then onto my neuro but can’t get through.

Have spoken to my plegridy nurse today she said it might be that that’s flared up older symptoms but who knows. I’m not really sure what the neuro can do anyway.

2 months ago

If it is a new or active flare they could try a steroid push…not the little stuff but the 1ml a day type of massive push. That is what they do with me when I was having an episode-

2 months ago

@blagaman182 , you might find the following website interesting :-

My money’s still on Hyperthyroidism, but I’m not medical and I have no test results or anything to go on except my hunch.

If your Doctor is now blanking you, could you ask for a second opinion within your Practice?

2 months ago

@stumbler Thanks for the link. There is a pretty scary thing on there called autonomic hyperreflexia which resulted in me calling 111 last night. Was checked over by dr but pulse fine and blood pressure ever so slightly high.

Now I’m basically in limbo. The Dr has passed me to ms nurse and ms nurse has passed me to neurologist who as we all know could take days to do anything about it.

Hyperthyroidism has been ruled out mainly because the heat is coming from one location and it’s very intense. With a thyroid problem it should be more like hot flashes, this is a constant heat around my head and chest.

Now in bed with a fan on my face wondering whether I should be getting treatment or not or just what exactly this stupid thing is!

2 months ago


I have not experienced Heat Intolerance in the same ways that you have, but I do become very flustered, lethargic and irritable in hot teperatures.
My Nurse just says that it is a symtom of MS and reccomends staying iin cooler cliimates and not pushing yourself, just relax.

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