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Over active bladder

I’ve been suffering from over active bladder for a while and severe constipation. I drink 7 cups of water a day and take colace to relieve the constipation but the oab is still a problem. I’ve tried a number of drugs but they mostly cause constipation so no luck. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as I’m trying to avoid botox injections and self catheterization?

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3 years ago

Dude I feel your pain. I hate pooping. I’ve found that Wheetabix were the only cure for me. Two a day with fresh fruit and milk. Sorted.


3 years ago

@phoenixfire92 , over-active bladder can be caused by retention, i.e. not completely emptying when voiding. This leaves you always wanting to go and can be a hot bed for infections.

Don’t fear self catheterization. It can be such a relief and give you back control.

I’m now also using Botox. If you can manage the indignity of the procedure, it can be life-changing. 😉

3 years ago

I have the constipation issue too – MOVICOL!!!!!!! ??

3 years ago

Fybogel from Boots works for me. I take it when I need it. One drink after meal.

3 years ago

I take Vesicare for bladder spasms it also works for overactive bladder I was just recommended this by my continence advisor even though I have retention it works and now the residual amount left in my bladder is basically zero /too small to worry about when it was 113ml before that. Apparently it doesn’t take any water from the bowel so your faeces don’t dry out and become difficult to pass; I have had less constipation since taking it. Glycerine suppositories are worth a try(prescription or otc Tesco own label sells them the cheapest I have found) as well as Movicol and Laxido I just wish the latter two tasted better!The fake orange and lemon and lime is really vile I would rather it tasted of nothing!

3 years ago

I’ve tried Movical as well. Funily enough, when my thyroid levels were low enough to be treated, the 2 things that got instantly better were my cold feet & the constipation. Have you tried eating seedless grapes or sweetcorn? I find both of those useful at times, like when I need to take codeine for pain.

3 years ago

Just posted on another link but I saw a uro neurologist who recommended others having treatment I have spoken to say it definitely makes a difference

3 years ago

i heard this marvellous lady speak at MS Life 2016 – laffed out loud at several points.

3 years ago

Flaxseeds or linseeds are good for constipation…put a couple of teaspoons of it in a blender or smoothie everyday and see how you go! Take care xx

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