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New to MS new to pain

Hi everyone. My name is Amy, I’m 23 years old and was diagnosed with RR in December 2017 so, I’m still new to this. I was just wanting some advice…I’m currently having pain in my lower back, in my left bum cheek and it’s travelling in both my legs. I’m just confused because I don’t know if this is because of the MS or whether it’s something else and that I would be silly to say it’s because of the MS….would really appreciate any feedback please! A big thank you in advance!xox

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11 months ago

Hi @amylouise
It could be any number of things but it sounds like a thing I suffer from nothing to do with MS as far as I’m concerned but It might be you never know.
It sounds like sciatica which is you either pulled a muscle or trapped a nerve in your lower back.
Best bet is to go see your GP.
A bit of rest and gentle exercise helps.
Keep smiling
Just take it a bit easy.

11 months ago

Hi @amylouise and welcome.

It’s important to determine the type of pain they you’re feeling. The following article may help :-

I’d be tempted to call your MS Nurse and discuss this problem. You may need some physio-therapy or some neuropathic pain relief………

11 months ago

Hi @amylouise

As has already been said, it could be your RRMS or it may be something else entirely.

Always best to get these things checked out by your MS Nurse or you GP.

Welcome aboard and best of luck.

10 months ago

@peterfrancis @stumbler @highlander

Thank you all for taking the time to acknowledge and reply. As the day went on yesterday, my speech started to change, no strength in my hands…as in not being able to clench a tight fist, and my arms and legs just started to feel so heavy.
Ive contacted my MS nurses, just waiting for a phone call back to see what they think….thanks again to you all for help and advice xoxo

10 months ago

Hi @amylouise They sound similar to my first MS symptoms, I actually was misdiagnosed with sciatica to begin with because of my symptoms. Make sure you mention it to your MS nurse. thinking of you xoxox

10 months ago

Hope things get moving for you Amylouise. What an introduction🤣 As the other symptoms have happened since it could be a relapse so good thing your ms nurse in involved. Good Luck😍

10 months ago

@sammy93 Hi Sammy! Oh no way? That’s ironic! I’m hoping that explaining these symptoms to my MS nurses they won’t just put it down to sciatica….hope you’re ok! Take care xoxo

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