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its not in my head

Short version: diagnosed with MS on my 40th birthday, I’m now 51, one year later got diagnosed with fibromyalgia , then asthma , then IBS, most recent is type 2 diabetes , Well what I’m basically saying is my health confuses me?? I can hardly walk, I’m in pain 24/7 yet my sence of humour hasn’t changed in fact I’m funnier than I’ve ever been, not to blow my own flute but I enjoy my company , I make everyone around me laugh, somewhere inside me is a stubborn but frightened women, not frightened of death, it’s those I love who are struggling to deal with my illnesses. Have to use humor to ease there worries, well that’s all folks I’m off to have a cigerette, Y.ES I do smoke , enjoy the rest of your day xxx

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5 months ago

@bernadette_higgins , what an inspirational attitude. 👍

5 months ago

Thank you, to be honest I’ve always had a positive attitude, stubbornness pushes me to find the good in most things, I’m sum what amused at myself, I’m actually in severe pain and I’m am forceing myself to communicate with about 5 family members and 2 friends, if anyone could actually see me they would definatily think I’m crazy lol I can hardly walk yet I purchased an exercise bike, I’m struggling to put it altogether so it’s still in the box, it is opened, with my ms I struggle putting things together, well I’m Irish and female so I blame the ms when I cannot do things lol

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