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Incomplete Quadriplegia and MS.

I was wondering if anyone had any sources that discuss the relation between incomplete quadriplegia and MS? I am an incomplete quadriplegic (due to my lesions being in C spine) and when looking around for research/resources on the experience of being an quad I found a lot from the SCI communities but absolutely nothing in reference to MS (beyond the odd paper discussing ‘end-stage MS’ which is very much not where I am).

So, considering this is a social network for MSI was wondering if anyone here either shared the experience of being an incomplete quad (some level of motor or sensory loss in all 4 limbs) due to spinal cord injury from MS, or if anyone knew of any resources discussing the experience. I doubt that there is writing from the perspective of someone like me diagnosed *due* to being an incomplete quad, but extra points if that exists.

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3 months ago

Hi @wheelrunconflux, I suppose I should start considering myself an incomplete paraplegic. And, on that basis I consider myself fortunate.

I did find this article, , which is more factual than personal. I suppose comparing overall symptoms isn’t something that we do too much on this Forum. I mean, who wants to engage in a “mine’s bigger than yours” discussion. Specific symptoms, yes, but the complete shooting match……..

I suppose forms of quadriplegia are our worst nightmare. And that may well exclude us from participating on this medium, unless we were very tech-savvy. Hence the lack of personal stories.

Whilst we acknowledge that the future will happen, it’s not here yet. So many things could happen before the future arrives, A cure could be found or Trump could press that big red button and leash unthinkable hell on our struggling planet. I suppose both of those possibilities could signify the end of our personal suffering.

So, we can’t allow ourselves to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. We live in the present.

But, we should have these type of conversations as it is beneficial to increase our knowledge. Just looking into this issue has introduced me to the term, “Autonomic Dysreflexia”, which explains my present blood pressure problems. So, thank you for that.

Anyway, I’m starting to waffle now. I just didn’t want this post to drift away without an acknowledgement………..

3 months ago

Leash??? Unleash!

3 months ago

@wheelrunconflux, think I’m working my way to join you. Except I’ve also got bad brain fog and I itch a lot, mainly on my buttocks, which I posted on about a month ago: I have a feeling it’s because I’m sitting on it soooo much of the time. I can’t offer any advice or refer you to any I’m afraid but, together we sit tall, we fairly advanced MSers. Happy & As Healthy as Possible New Year to you. xx

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