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I Hate DVLA!!

I’m so sorry for such an angry post but I need to rant and there is no one at home (even the bloody dog has gone out for the day!)

I contact DVLA in March when my diagnosis was confirmed. Filled the 5 page report in as much as I could, sent it off. I then received a letter saying they were contacting my neurologist to confirm I was fit to drive.

I drive a 4×4, I pull a horse trailer and was looking to upgrade to a lorry as my horse doesn’t travel well in the trailer.

Well today I received a letter from the DVLA dated 01/05/19 saying I have 14 days from the letter date to return my driving license and apply for a 3 year medical license!! It’s the bloody 13th already!!! I rang them up and eventually spoke to a bloke who kept saying “you need to get the paperwork back by the 14th or we will revoke your license”. I confirmed that the conversation was being recorded and told him they will get it back as soon as I can get it done. Now it’s a mad dash to get a photo done and get the paperwork in the post tonight!

I now also can not get my lorry as I need to apply for a Maximum Authorised Mass license which requires a higher medical standard. If you have MS your not allowed to apply!

I thought I was coping with my diagnosis really well until all this 💩 happened today but now I’m not! 😭😭😭

Can someone please cheer me up??

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2 months ago

I didn’t have to do a photo, in fact I didn’t really have to do anything. They just sent me a 3 year license which will be renewed in September. I don’t think there will be any problems however I’m at the hospital seeing the nurse next month so I could probably have it sorted before hand.

I think the letter is standard and mine wasn’t revoked.

2 months ago

Didn’t need to do a photo either… the standard letter the DVLA send out is really quite aggressive sounding and really sent me into panic, which, as we know, doesn’t help MS! That aside, they will just send you a 3 year licence replacing your original one very quickly and it looks just the same as the one you probably had before, with the same photo. It is a shame about the difficulty you’re having getting licensed for your horse lorry – maybe there is someone on here who knows more about that?
Good luck
Loo – K

2 months ago

You said you wanted cheering up.
Try saying this 3 times without smiling!
I bet you can’t.
Didn’t think you could.
Keep smiling😃

2 months ago


Couldn’t even manage once!

2 months ago

@joanne_cree I’ve just been through exactly the same (same date on the letter too)! I have yet to send mine back as I’ve been away so fingers crossed it makes it in time.

I do think 14 days is quite a short amount of time, especially when it’s in relation to a diagnosis of a life long condition such as MS (haven’t we got enough going on without worrying about sending back forms so quickly??) And like you, I had been quite positive of late until I got that letter in the post. A nice reminder huh?

This is a pants journey to be on but know you’re not on your own! That’s one thing I’ve learnt pretty quickly 🙂


2 months ago

Watch a bit of karl pilkington on youtube?

2 months ago

@joanne_cree , if your driving licence was the original paper one, then they will need to issue a photocard licence for you. Once on a 3 year photocard licence, renewal will be a lot simpler.

And, there’s no renewal fees – every cloud……..

2 months ago

What happens about renewing your photo? My original licence photo would’ve expired next year so when I had to surrender it for a 3 year medical one I sent photo. They returned it not needed so my licence now runs to 2022. What will happen then about my photo?

2 months ago

If the new one says it’s valid it’s valid wait for them to ask you did offer.
Can’t see it being to much of a problem unless you’ve grown a new head😃

2 months ago

@highlander, that’s what I thought tbh. Did send pics which they returned. Got nearly 3 years so lots of time to not have to stress. Just curious really.

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