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Genetics and MS…finally

After years of seeing reports of no genetic markers found or genetic ties it sounds like this is being looked into. I can’t think of any of my relatives with MS but in this group there are constant references to a grandpa that had it or cousins, etc. For a disease that is relatively rare it seem like there are too many mentions of close family members that they know that have MS.

In my case my mom was bi-polar and in her 60’s developed a condition similar to parkinsons but not exactly that. Her mother had multi-in farc dementia. Not MS but maybe someday they will find some linkages.

Just thought I’d toss this out there in case others hadn’t see the info:

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1 week ago

my aunt from dad side has it we were diagnosed same year 2004 i was 17 she was 45 years old iraq war started from qatar few miles away from our location 2003
either way I’ll do genetic test after few months inshallah.
I wouldn’t be surprise if its genetic though
one thing scares me most my brother sisters feel burning beneath their feet may i get ms ten times but not them

1 week ago

Yes indeed. I have a daughter so my concerns are with her and my nieces and nephews. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. If those you are concerned about can get an MRI to look for lesions and be eligible for treatments a soon as they are diagnosed that would help…

1 week ago

There HAS to be a link in there somewhere!

I’ve been reading and researching like crazy and, although nobody else in my family has or ever had MS, I keep finding links to other things. Links to Crohns, Alzheimer’s, Guillan-Barré, Labrynthitis, relationships between medications for different conditions, etc.

I HATE this horrible feeling that I get, almost like déja vu, when I find out about relations with other things that run in my family (even though none of those other things are believed to be genetic either). But most importantly, I want to make sure I don’t pass this on to any future kids or watch my brother experience the same things as me. That was one of the first questions I asked at my 1st MS Nurse appointment – “I have a brother. How likely is he to get MS and how can we prevent it?”

There HAS to be something there.

1 week ago

I think there is a link no matter how weak it is I had a second cousin with ms and I think her grandmother was my great grandmother.. her ms was progressive type as mine is relapsing remitting. I know different ones but there’s a link

1 week ago

My Mothers half sister had MS , she died last yeear due to sepsis. She was the only relative of sorts that I know of to have had MS.
I also have Type 1 Diabetes to deal with, inherited that from my Dad, it runs in my dads family.

1 week ago

myself, sister and our 1st-cousin have MS

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