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First neurology appointment felt rushed

Hi, just wondering what everyone’s experience was with their first neurology appointment. My doctor referred me after I had symptoms around the beginning of April. I saw the neurologist yesterday and it felt rushed as he was running behind on time. Felt I struggled to get a chance to explain everything. Although he has agreed I need an mri scan. Which I’m now having on Monday. Thanks for an replies x

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1 week ago

I know the feeling! It’s really positive that you are getting an MRI and that should give some more clarity.
During my first 3 years of symptoms I went to the doctor’s a lot only to be told I might be hyperventilating but nothing was diagnosed. Very frustrating!
It is difficult to explain yourself and your symptoms, I have found the posts on here very helpful as some of the ways people articulate their symptoms are very effective!
You’ll have time and future appointments.

1 week ago

Thank you Holly. I wondered if it was common for the appointment to feel that way. Hopefully after mri I might be close to some answers regarding all these symptoms.

1 week ago

@angela_conacher feeling ya. I’m in a similar boat. Have seen a general specialist (only a step up from a GP but they can refer for MRI etc) as can’t see Neuro til October. Been waiting for months since I saw my GP. The doctor was going to call the Neuro to discuss tests then he will get them underway.

The only problem is he didn’t think I have MS but said it wouldn’t hurt to have MRI but would talk to Neuro. His perception was that it couldnt be MS as I have symptoms on both sides and several limbs. It is so hard because it is really tricky to articulate what the sensations feel like. His theories of what could be going on make no sense to me at all. Hanging out to hear if I am going to have an MRI and to see the Neuro mid next month. Just really want answers.

I hope you have that MRI soon.

1 week ago


Your description of what is happening to you means almost nothing to a Neurologist. It just gives him something to think about. The MRI will tell them almost everything they need to know.

Hopefully the MRI is in the near future! Then they can piece that information with your specific challenges. Good luck…

1 week ago

@edmontonalberta thanks for the reply. My mri is scheduled for Monday. Ended up going private to be seen sooner. The NHS left me stumbling around hardly able to walk.

1 week ago

@angela_conacher , just because they are running late shouldn’t be your problem!

However, you should prepare for your appointments. You should prepare a short, concise list of symptoms, which you can leave with them. Also Make a list of questions/concerns you may have.

You can tick these questions off as they are answered. Just don’t allow yourself to be bullied out of the door until all questions.concerns are addressed.

Also, go accompanied. Two pairs of ears are better than one!

1 week ago

@stumbler thank you. I definitely will be writing a list of symptoms and any questions for next time. It’s a steep learning curve.

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