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Eyes, back, teeth and toes…

Hi all, been feeling a bit crap while I recover from flu which came on about 6 weeks ago and now various new and odd symptoms have cropped up. It’s notoriously difficult to get hold of anyone through the MS service at the hospital so thought I might have more you on here! Has anyone experienced any of the following – are they MS symptoms? Or something else?! 1.) Intermittent lower back ache – I’ve had this for about 8 of the last 14 days. Really painful lower back ache preventing me bending over and making walking really painful, then travelling down my legs at times like sciatica but the strange thing is how quickly it comes and goes. Yesterday morning it was really bad. By the time I’d made a cup of tea, found some paracetamol and waited for the tea to cool down – about 20 mins total – it was gone, then came back about 8 hours later. 2.) Visual disturbance – on Saturday I walked down a tiny slope in flip flops and my foot hit the ground slightly harder than normal at the bottom. Immediately I had a banging headache and felt a bit woozy around the eyes. I sat down and noticed my eyes were a bit fuzzy which got progressively worse for the next 15 mins or so. It was both eyes. The only way I can describe it is that there was a half moon shape of flashing / flickering light at the bottom of my field of vision in both eyes. I had a drink and it made no difference. My food arrived, I took one mouthful and the problem disappeared and hasn’t returned! 3.) Teeth – Yesterday I started with toothache on one side at the back. Then it disappeared. Then came back a few hours later and was gone again within 5 minutes. 4.) Toes – Ive been having real pain in my big toes, both sides but one is worse than the other. It’s like cramp and appears from nowhere, then disappears again.
Sorry for the long post, but hoping someone can shed some light on these symptoms – it’s the fact they come and go so quickly that is really puzzling me, otherwise I’d probably just put them down to something other than MS.

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4 months ago

Hello @niccis! The period after flu or a bad cold can throw up all sorts of things as your body recalibrates after. I had back to back colds in December and experienced lots of things in Jan and Feb. I had another MRI but there were no changes so my neuro said it probably wasn’t a relapse. I have had all the flashing stuff in the past too and it didn’t amount to anything. However, the low back pain could be symptomatic of a bladder infection so maybe ask your GP to do a test? Definitely give your nurse/ team a call. It’s a pain, but always best to check in with them so that they can log everything, if nothing else. Also, us teachers come to expect illnesses through the holidays, so don’t forget how much stress has an impact on our already over-burdened bodies! 🙂 x

4 months ago

Our bodies experience weird sensory changes best advise try to ignore them. If they become a major problem obviously you’ll need to speak to GP. But otherwise, you’ll drive yourself mad. Stress is a bitch. x

4 months ago

I get the tooth thing regularly…… Sometimes the whole day….. Not actually my tooth I believe… MS more likely to bring on trigeminal neuralgia which is horrible…… The back pain common too…. They will ease with time mine usually does. Its a minefield isn’t it…. Always something to worry about….. Feel better soon❤️❤️

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