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Eye twitch

Hi All,

Over the past two weeks I have a reoccurring eye twitch which comes and goes. It effects one eye only and at worst a little annoying.

I thought it might be from coffee, but had a day off the caffeine to test the theory and it twitched away.

I had an episode of Bells Palsy a few years ago and it is similar to when the nerves were regrowing. It’s on the same side of my face as the Bells too.

Wondering if this is some sort of relapse or just a vitamin deficiency.

No other symptoms.

Not seeing a neuro until October.

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10 months ago

If youโ€™re suffering headache it could be eye pressure
If it dry where you are you might need to have eye moisters
Meet the gp first then an optician

10 months ago

I thought i had optic inflmation one day because i got blind right after i oppened my eyes from sleeping but when i met optic i found out its cornea

10 months ago

@cammo , from a website, “The most common causes of eyelid twitching are stress, fatigue, and caffeine.”

As you’ve eliminated the caffeine as a possibility, what about the other two?

Of course, it could just be your MS, with stress and/or fatigue making that play up. So, is it “your body talking to you”, telling you that you’re doing something it doesn’t like?

10 months ago

I had It a few weeks ago, I was really tired. It passed when I took a lot of rest.

10 months ago

Frequently get eye twitching,tiny movements not visible to others unless they state right in my face. Very annoying but not fatal, Just I’ve of those ms things we have to put up with occasionally. Mine doesn’t seem to be connected to stress, caffeine, fatigue or anything. It just is๐Ÿ˜‚

10 months ago

I had an eye twitch constantly for about 5 weeks. I feel your pain.

It did eventually go, not sure if it was stress from limbo land or just being tired. Or too much coffee?

Hope it goes away soon for you, itโ€™s annoying!!

10 months ago

Oh and my twitch you could see from a mile off. Very off putting, haha! Think everyone thought I was winking at them ๐Ÿ˜‰

10 months ago

My eye and lip do this and have done for years. My consultant considered Botox but we went with gabapentin instead when more of my face started to get involved.

10 months ago

I have had this too drove me nuts, twitching all the time it eventually went away but had it for ages ……. Now it’s back ๐Ÿ˜ณ at work i get what’s wrong with your eye, no am not pretending to be a pirate covering one eye lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

10 months ago

My right eye twitches off and on but never any longer than a week. I always thought is was nerves acting up from a old injury when I was in high school. Some large boy was trying to pick me up at a swimming beach. When I refused him he launched himself into the water to swim away and kicked me in the head and eye. That eye hurt and twitched for a year. Potter

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