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Exercising tips!

Hi everyone.

I had my lemtrada treatment in July – I’ve been ‘relaxing and recovering’ ever since (very boring) sadly after serious MS hugs and vomiting I had a 2 night stay in hospital about a month ago – which I then found out was due to the Lemtrada causing liver function damage – jaundice and low grade hepatitis.
It’s also come to light that my treatment hasn’t actually worked either.
I’m still supposed to be ‘recovering and relaxing’ but I’m only 24 so I’m finding this extremely boring and it’s having an affect on my happiness slightly.

Does anyone have any tips for exercising in this condition? Other than what I’ve mentioned above I’m completely fit and healthy and able to move. Only issue is I do struggle with fatigue so that’s also put me off exercising as I get tired very quickly. However for my own happiness I know I’ll feel better if I get up and moving/exercising!

Any suggestions welcomed thank you x

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9 months ago

@laurasavage567 , “moderate” exercise will be beneficial. Just listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

Start slowly and build up. 😉

9 months ago

Exatcly what stumbler said, I can quite easily agree dont over do it. I had a big wake up call recently when I was over doing it and I was exhausted for days.

A little bit of resistance training and some moderate cardio is all you need.

if you are still recovering though I would try not to over do it. pool workouts might be your best bet. start light and work up because you dont want to worsen yourself and slow down your recovery.

best of luck


9 months ago

Yoga, Pilates and anything in water: all these will exercise, strengthen and tone your body without risk of damage. Good for stress, too.

9 months ago

Standard answer, swimming. Doesn’t matter if you can’t swim, just walking in the water, or even just holding on to the side and raising and lowering your legs, if you are confident to float, lie on your back and just ‘Scull’in the water. Anything you do in the water, where your weight is taken away, is great for ms. Exercises all muscles in both arms and legs, fingers, toes, everything. Worth a try?😍

9 months ago

Thank you all for your advice 🙂 much appreciated x

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